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Clinical Manager of the Year Doug Hynek Redefines "Working Manager"


It’s a fact that very few managers are genuine leaders, empowering their coworkers and listening to their needs while creating a workspace that allows for growth and job satisfaction. Having your coworkers nominate you for Clinical Manager of the Year speaks volumes about you as a leader and individual, which is probably why Doug Hynek’s coworkers nominated him for that award recently.

Hynek has worked for La Porte Hospital for the last 17 years, and has been in the medical field for 20 years. His considerable experience affords him the necessary tools to help him smoothly run the inpatient and outpatient cardiovascuar diagnostics department - for the hospital. But he goes beyond that.

Hynek is - a “working manager.” This means he doesn’t just sit behind a desk; he is in the trenches working side by side those he manages.

“That’s the most important thing about my job because it keeps me on the front line with my staff,” explained Hynek. “I’m in tune with the day-to-day operations and I really know what my colleagues need, because I’m there doing the same thing.”

Indeed, with the years of experience and several letters after his name, he has the training he needs to not only be an effective leader, but also a caring and knowledgeable medical professional. Hynek is a Registered Radiologic Technologist and Registered Cardiac Stenographer.

“I can take echocardiography or ultrasounds of the heart,” Hynek said. “You have to be certified by a national board to do that.” But Hynek also genuinely cares about helping the people who come to the hospital.

“We see people who are really ill. When you can see them walk out ten times healthier than when they came in, knowing you have had an impact on that patient’s life – it is very satisfying.” Hynek said. “Sometimes, I run into them at the supermarket and they remember you and that’s very nice.”

Hynek also sits on the advisory board for Ivy Tech, where he helps -students -with their externships, usually at La Porte Hospital. This also allows him to -advise Ivy Tech’s radiology program.

In his spare time, Hynek likes to help fundraise with a group of his coworkers from the hospital by participating in the Dunebrook Dragon Boat Race every September.

“Dragon boats are long thin boats that seat about 20, with a drummer at the front for rhythm,” explained Hynek. “It’s a lot of fun.”

Because of this, and his passion for helping others, Hynek received the award for Clinical Manager of the Year at La Porte Hospital. Hynek said he realizes how fortunate he is to work with such valued people.

“I really wouldn’t be where I am today without my colleagues,” Hynek said. “They’re such a great group to work with. They’re like my second family.”

Hynek is continuing his education toward completing a Bachelor of Science in Radiology, Hynekand plans on continuing his excellent work with La Porte Hospital for years to come. That’s good news - for his coworkers, and for the patients who come to see him at the hospital.

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