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#1StudentNWI: Teamwork and Winter Break for the Wolves

What’s Happened

Recently at MCHS, standardized testing filled the gymnasium and classrooms. One afternoon after a full day of testing, the girls basketball team walked in for practice only to find the entire basketball court filled with tables and chairs still set up in preparation for the next day of testing.

Knowing that there was a boys basketball game that night, the girls were confused to as why the tables were still up. The head custodian explained that they had all been so busy around the school that the custodial crew had not been able to take down the tables and chairs yet, especially since school had only ended a few minutes prior to the girls entrance into the gym. They then promised to work as quickly as possible so that the girls could practice before the boys’ game.


The Lady Wolves looked around at an entire gym full of obstacles, and took it upon themselves to help out. In their minds, they would get to practice faster, and they could not possibly see that amount of work and not pitch in. As the girls began stacking chairs and lifting tables, the track runners which happened to be conditioning upstairs came to the floor and helped too.

The experience not only became a huge help, but also showed that MCHS athletes know how to work together even off the “fields” of their respective events.

MCHS is proud to house such amazing athletes that express the qualities of a “Wolf” so well.

What’s Coming Up


MCHS students will continue to enjoy the holiday festivities around the area while being on break until Thursday, January 4th.

One of the most popular attractions in Michigan City itself is the Washington Park Festival of Lights. The entire entrance to Washington Park is filled with festive Christmas lights that are lit every night during the holiday season. The light show is free for all visitors and is a very popular activity for Michigan City residents as well as others from out of town. Each year the light festival grows with a few new attractions while keeping favorite originals like the “Dancing Flower” exhibit.


In addition to the Festival of Lights, downtown Franklin is also lined with Christmas lights which come to an end at the public library with an impressive Christmas tree standing in front. Wherever students turn they are greeted by the holiday spirit encouraging them to spend time with their friends and family this season.

There also is a chance for students to attend sporting events over the break including girls’ and boys’ basketball games as well as swimming meets.

Students should not have to look far to find inexpensive activities to do with their friends over the break. Other ideas include cookie exchanges, holiday movie nights, ice skating, and of course, eating all of the food at family dinner.

Student Spotlight


Korbin Williams, a senior at MCHS, is inspired by his mom to achieve his goals.

“My mom has always worked hard to make sure that I do better than she did. It is my time to prove to her that her hard work was not in vain,” he said.

Williams is involved in Science Club, Steering Committee, Student Council, is the French Club president, and he volunteers with the Teen Court outside of school, while also working a part-time job at Nature’s Cupboard. He maintains a 4.0 GPA all in efforts of fulfilling his dreams to become a Neurologist.

Williams favorite activity is French Club.

He said, “French Club teaches me about the culture which is really beneficial for my dream career. Eventually, I want to practice medicine while traveling and having French as a skill is a huge asset.”

Much like other successful students, MCHS has been beneficial to Williams.

“MCHS is more than a school. The connections built with people are valuable and the way the extracurriculars help you get involved in the community is the best learning experience since it is hands-on,” he said. “The extensive diversity has allowed me to explore friend groups and find who I am. Learning with diversity creates an open-mind, which is probably the best kind in a constantly changing world.”

Williams plans on attending Swarthmore or Purdue University in the fall for his undergraduate degree and then plans to further his education with Medical School.

Teacher Spotlight

Christy Stewart, AP english teacher at MCHS, graduated from Merrillville high school and went on to study at three different colleges before finding her niche as a teacher.

She is currently engaged in her 12th year of teaching here at MCHS, teaching English 11 and Advanced Placement Literature and Composition.

Stewart studied creative writing and photography before earning her Bachelor’s in English Education through Purdue.

She said, “While I enjoyed photography, I felt like something was missing. I wanted to feel like I was making a difference in some way. It was then I realized the impact teaching has on so many lives.”

MCHS has been the only place that Stewart has taught at, but that is because it is never boring and Stewart has new experiences constantly.

“Michigan city is a truly diverse community. Each day, our students bring unique perspectives to everything we do. I constantly remind students how this will help them in the future. MCAS also offers such a variety of opportunities to students. All students have access to so many pathways toward success. Between the technical certifications, Early College, AP and Dual Credit opportunities, clubs, and sports, all students can be successful and ready for the future,” Stewart said.

With MCAS recently earning a spot on the AP Honor Roll, Stewart sees great potential not only in each and every student but also the system as a whole and she hopes to keep being able to contribute to the improvements through her teaching.

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