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#1StudentNWI: South Central Wraps Up 2017

Graduate of South Central: Hannah Howell

Hannah Howell, a graduate from South Central high school, now attends Purdue University. She has already completed two years of pre-pharmacy and is now a first-year professional student in the College of Pharmacy at the West Lafayette campus.

When Howell attended South Central, she was involved in many clubs and sports. She also volunteered around the community.

“I played volleyball at South Central my freshman through junior year, I played basketball all four years, and I also ran track as a hurdler all four years," explained Howell. "Growing up, basketball was always my favorite sport. I have always loved the game, and the chemistry with my team all four years definitely made basketball season the best part of high school for me.”

When it comes to clubs, Howell has been in quite a few. In her high school years she was involved in LEO club, Student Council, National Honor Society and German Club.

“LEO club gave me the opportunity to volunteer at many different events such as soup kitchens, Operation Christmas Child, and the Special Olympics. As a Christian growing up in the community, volunteering has always been something I enjoy doing,” said Howell.

When it comes to academics, every high school student has a favorite teacher that influenced them in some way. According to Howell, this teacher was Mrs. Barkow.

“She challenged me in ways that not only benefited me in her classes, but also in life lessons that I have taken to college with me and use regularly," explained Howell. "I remember for Christmas one year, Mrs. Barkow provided me with a survival kit filled with little trinkets and tiny bits of advice that correlated with each trinket. I took that to heart and it has helped me to this day.”

To Howell, high school had it's difficult moments, but the hard work and struggle paid off.

"Graduation was intense, it didn’t really hit me until the very end when we took a class selfie and threw our hats up in the air. After that, reality hit, and I realized that I wouldn’t see most of my classmates ever again. We all had different paths that we were going to take," said Howell. "It was stimulating to see how far we had all come together and how much we had accomplished not only as a class, but also as individuals. We had grown into adults in that four-year time frame without even realizing it, and it was our turn to change the world. All in all, graduation was extremely bittersweet, but the people that mean the most to you will stay in your life forever.”

Karson Bailey: Student Spotlight


When South Central receives new students, they become the main topic of discussion. Karson Bailey, a sophomore who transfered to South Central this year, just happens to fit the bill. To Bailey, being a student at South Central is great.

“Everyone here is friendly and easy to get along with. I was welcomed by everyone and have already made many friends," explained Bailey. "What I like most are the teachers, they teach very well. I feel more educated than I have ever been.”

Right now, Bailey involves himself with high school basketball. Like most sports teams, they play by a certain motto: "Defeat the beast." While the motto may be a bit confusing to some, Bailey connects with it and finds that it provides a boost when a little extra inspiration is needed.

“People sometimes don’t understand what ‘defeat the beast’ means, but what it means is more than one thing. It could be early morning practice or defeating tiredness, or during the fourth quarter of a game and then the beast could be fatigue. It helps us because we remember the motto and give it everything we have,” said Bailey.

The thing he enjoys most about school is playing sports and creating lifelong friendships with other students.

“Friendships will last a lifetime, I’ve become very good friends with some of the kids in the grade below me and I know those friendships will be around for a long time," said Bailey. "I also love playing sports because I love competing, the feeling of winning and also the good coaches that I am thankful to have.”

While athletics are a key component of Bailey's life, he understands the importance of keeping good grades and has a bit of advice for those involved in sports.

“Academics first, if you play sports then definitely put academics first. If you don’t have good grades you won’t have the chance to play. Hard work pays off!”

The Ending to a Wonderful Semester


The first semester of the school year at South Central has officially ended. The last three days of the semester were spent taking finals and relaxing afterwards, with much celebration and relief for the students.

That final week also were also brought out many basketball and with that, a bit of festive fun from the cheerleaders. Donning ugly Christmas sweaters, the team cheered on the South Central basketball teams with enthusiasm, showing their spirit for not only the game, but the season as well.

What’s coming up? The Beginning to a New Semester


Every student loves Christmas break. The time away from school gives time to relax, enjoy life, and take a step back from the stresses of finals week. For some, the new semester is a chance for a fresh start, to raise grades, or to explore new interests. For others, it gives an opportunity for new faces, new teachers, and more opportunity.

The new semester begins in 2018 and promises to be full of fun!

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