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Holcomb’s 2nd State of the State Emphasizes Workforce, Presents Goals for Progress in 2018

HolcombINDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb on Tuesday delivered his 2018 State of the State address to a joint convention of the Indiana General Assembly. While continuing his focus on five key pillars, the governor’s remarks highlighted his commitment to developing a skilled, ready workforce and detailed several milestones he expects the state to meet.

“Our greatest challenge is that too many Hoosiers lack the education and skills for the jobs that are here today and being created tomorrow—nearly all of which require a post-secondary education. It’s a challenge faced by every state and a major concern for every business,” Gov. Holcomb said. “This is the issue of the decade, and we don’t have a day to waste.”

In his address, Gov. Holcomb outlined the following workforce-related goals:
· Help at least 25,000 of the 700,000+ Hoosier adults with some...

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Time for New Approaches to Address Indiana’s Voter Turnout Problems

Leigh-Morris Voter turnout is a concern across the country, but it’s especially concerning in Indiana. It’s been low in Indiana for years, but it hit rock bottom in 2014 when, by many measures, Indiana had the lowest voter turnout of all the states. By the 2016 Presidential elections, there was improvement, but Indiana was still rated as 38th out of the 50 states, with 59.7% of registered voters casting ballots.

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Top 10 Overall Stories on LaPorteCountyLife from 2017


To cap off 2017, we compiled the top business, sports, health, community, and entertainment articles along with the top photo galleries and videos that were on LaPorteCountyLife in the last year.

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Travel Advisory for La Porte County, Indiana from the La Porte County Sherriff's Office


Travel Advisory for La Porte County
Over the past two and a half hours, La Porte County has been receiving very heavy lake effect snow. It appears that the band coming off of Lake Michigan has been directly impacting our area. We have heard reports of 9" of snow accumulation this afternoon.

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Snow Removal Condition for Michigan City, Indiana from Sergeant Chris Yagelski



We would like to remind the citizens of Michigan City about our City ordinances regarding snow removal and parking restrictions. When winter weather arrives, it is important to understand and follow snow removal guidelines for everyone’s safety. Below are explanations of terms you may hear this winter season.

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Snow Removal Parking Restrictions for Michigan City, Indiana from Mayor Ron Meer


Snow Removal Parking Restrictions

Michigan City is being hit with heavy lake effect snow. In order to remove the heavy snow off of the streets, Mayor Ron Meer has declared the following:

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City of La Porte Adopted a Resolution in Support of Redistricting Reform!

Leigh-MorrisIn this day and age when we are dealing with crime and drug problems, you often hear about “packing” and “cracking,” but I’m asking you to think about those terms in a different way—as gerrymandering techniques. “Packing” is when the party in charge of redistricting tries to “pack” voters from the rival party into as few districts as possible, to minimize the number of seats the opposition is likely to win. “Cracking” is when blocs of opposition voters are parceled out among several districts, to achieve the same goal. In either event the general public loses. Proliferation of these techniques makes the need for redistricting reform even more important.

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The La Porte County Family YMCA Aids Members in Regaining Strength and Mobility


Roger, one of our dedicated Y members and program participants, shared his thoughts on the impact his time at the Y has had on his life. We love having Roger as a member and are very proud of him for all of his accomplishments!

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Creating Stories that Shape the Future

Creating-Stories-that-Shape-the-Future-2017Stories have their own special ability to build shared meaning, values, and direction for our families. Often, we don't realize how these stories influence our behavior and shape the future; but stories about our national, cultural, or family history have shaped much of how we’ve come to view ourselves.

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Links of the Week: The Official Retirement of the Links of the Week Column (Unless Someone Steals It)


Well, it’s the end of an era: This will be the final Links of the Week you’ll ever read on the LIFE sites (... unless someone else takes the reigns. If they do, call them a copycat and know the OG will always look down on them). More importantly, however, it’s my last day working for Ideas in Motion Media (aka the LIFE sites).

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Links of the Week: News Bloopers, Artificial Intelligence, and 4 Ideas to Speed Up Baseball Games


Hooo boy, am I tired. Last night, the Chicago Cubs advanced to the National League Championship Series in a thrilling, 9-8 game that was exhilarating the entire time I watched. I tuned in during the sixth inning, roughly two hours after the game had begun, and more than two hours before the game was going to end.

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