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Dee Ann Keehn Presented with Employee of the Year Award from La Porte Hospital

Each year, La Porte Hospital takes the time to recognize employees who have gone the extra mile during the course of their work. Each member of the organization serves a vital role in providing care and safety to anyone who comes through their doors, and recognizing them for this dedication and achievement is important.

One award honors someone with dedication, heart, and a great attitude, focused on helping patients and the hospital function their best and reach their highest potential. This year, the Employee of the Year was awarded to Dee-Ann Keehn, a nurse on the Intermediate Medical Care Unit.

“I’ve worked on the same floor since I started here. We take care of a wide array of patients on the intermediate care unit,” Keehn explained.

Keehn was surprised with the award during work, when her manager asked for her to follow them. Assuming it was to assist with the schedule, Keehn followed, unaware of the surprise awaiting her.

“We went into the cafeteria and I didn’t think it was me,” Keehn said. “They went on and started talking about this person who had been there so long, and I just didn’t think it was me until they said my name.”

For Keehn, the award is special for many reasons. The recognition and validation of her years of hard work for the hospital is something she is incredibly grateful for, and reminds her that her work is not overlooked.

“It feels awesome. There have been a lot of trials and tribulations over the years, but the hospital has been so good to me. In February, I’ll have been here 26 years, and they’ve been very good to me throughout my life here,” said Keehn.

Going into the medical field was something Keehn always knew she wanted to do. With a brother who is a physician, a sister-in-law who also works as a nurse, and her own sister also working at La Porte Hospital, the medical field is a familiar concept to her and her family.

“I enjoy helping people. Through high school I knew I wanted to be in the medical field and that’s where I’ve ended up. It’s been well worth it,” said Keehn. “This is a very rewarding career.”

Receiving this award, on top of the Critical Occupational Award she won years ago, which was a scholarship toward her last year of schooling, her time at La Porte Hospital has been productive. Keehn has successfully helped many patients, friends, and co-workers, and has remained a dedicated, positive employee.

“This award, and being chosen by my peers and coworkers, that means a lot,” said Keehn.

With such a positive influence in the halls of La Porte Hospital, and employees excited and happy to be recognized for a job well done, it’s no wonder that La Porte Hospital is able to provide excellent care to those who come through their doors.

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