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Net Neutrality Seminar, sponsored by Surf Air Wireless & Qubit Networks

Jan 24 08:30 AM - 10:30 AM

La Porte Chamber of Commerce - La Porte

Business Development

La Porte Chamber of Commerce


As a service to La Porte Chamber members, Surf Air Wireless and Qubit Networks are sponsoring an informational forum about the repeal of internet neutrality. As changes come to internet services as the result of regulatory rollback, is the outlook bleak or bright for local businesses and governments?

Paul S. Maxwell, a nationally recognized communications industry analyst and the regulatory advisor to the Surf Air Wireless family of tech businesses, will help business owners and government officials by offering insights and real information about net neutrality's repeal.

Maxwell will address questions such as: What bearing does the RIFA have on the day-to-day operations of local businesses and governments? Will providers charge extra for access to certain data like cloud-based applications? Will businesses face increased operational costs to maintain their current level of service? Can providers really block, slow, censor or redirect internet traffic? What role will state and local governments play in this new state of affairs?

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La Porte Chamber of Commerce

803 Washington Street


La Porte


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